The Rules and Restrictions of Death

I don’t like the fact that there’s a certain time period after someone dies that you can be happy again. Like you don’t know when you can start laughing at a stupid joke and singing along to your favorite silly song again. It could be a few days or weeks but if you do it too early everyone will look at you like you’re this heartless bitch. I’m sorry but after I die and I’m in Heaven or the afterlife or whatever you wish to believe and I get to see my funeral, I don’t want it to be sad. Okay, I’d be a little pissed if nobody was at least a little upset. Everyone needs that little boost to their ego, even after they die. But as it went on I would want everyone to start reminiscing about the fun times we had and laughing at the stupid stuff I did. By the end of the day I want them to be happy and full of nostalgia.

There is always going to be a grieving period. Death is inevitable. Grief is inevitable. But you can choose when the grieving stops. Take my own experience for example: A girl I worked with had passed away and you could feel it in the air for the next couple days. It was full of tension and sadness. After awhile it started getting back to normal a little and I would say things like, “Oh my god, I almost DIED!” and “Oh, I’m going to kill you!” and I’d freeze and look around the room frantically to see if it was socially acceptable. I was even afraid to mention her name, which is ridiculous! You want to remember the person because they’re not here anymore. And if you don’t and all you think about is them dying then that’s all you will remember them by. It will be like they were here, they died, and that’s it. And I find that more disrespectful than being happy after they died.

And I really don’t like the term, “Show some respect for the dead.” No. Act like you did before I died. If you didn’t respect me then, don’t do it now just because I’m dead. It shouldn’t change your opinion of me just because I’m gone. I hate that people who don’t even bat an eye at you while you’re alive will come to your funeral with (crocodile) tears in their eyes and say how much they’ll miss you and how they wish the could’ve spent more time with you. This is also the time that the true feelings come out. People say how they truly felt about you or reveal secrets that they’ve kept. (This also happens when someone’s on their death bed.) I get this to an extent. I, myself can be a coward when it comes to the truth. But I think everyone deserves to know the truth, whether it be good or bad news. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe everyone should live like they’re dying or a loved one is dying. It may be sad to think about but it’s better to get everything out in the open now and not to a room of their loved ones while you’re choking back tears and regretting never saying it.