The solution to low self-esteem is simple

But there’s something I like to do and I think others should as well. It’s called: ‘Not giving a shit!’ Seriously, just not caring what everyone thinks of you because usually the people who disapprove are the ones who you really don’t care about anyway. I know it’s hard to do. You could start your day off by looking in the mirror and thinking, “Yeah, I look hot today. Anyone would be lucky to date me!” And then you walk into that high school and you see one girl that has a cuter outfit. Okay, that’s fine, you still look good, regardless. Then you see another one but she’s in really good shape and you think that she can wear her clothes with confidence because they don’t show any fat. So you put on a jacket to cover your stomach just in case. Then there’s a girl that’s not wearing any make-up and looks gorgeous. You’re wearing make-up and you’re still not as pretty as her so you put on your sunglasses. And all of a sudden you’re hiding in the corner of your class, covered up and hoping no one notices you for the rest of the day. You went from expecting people to stare and gawk at you to wanting to be invisible. Your opinion of yourself changed within a few minutes just because you cared about other people’s opinions of you. 

I like to be the person that always makes fun of themselves and that (ironically) thinks I’m all that and a bag of chips. Ironically because…I’m really not. But this makes every day fun. Like most, there are many things I don’t like about myself, but I don’t go around moping about it. I’ll make jokes about my weight and when I’m wearing a particularly cute outfit I don’t hesitate to tell people how adorable I look. People should be comfortable enough to at least do that. To be able to laugh at themselves and accept the way they look and roll with it instead of doing a million things to change themselves. I’m a particularly lazy person and this arrangement seems a lot easier to me. (Plus, worrying makes you break out and that’s just one more thing to hate about yourself.)