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Abortion – Everyone’s Least Favorite Topic

I’m going to talk about an extremely taboo topic: abortion. So if you don’t feel like getting into such an extreme topic, the little red ‘x’ is right there. This has to be one of the most, if not THE most dangerous topic to bring up… anywhere. Whether it be with a colleague or as a topic of debate. In fact, in my Oral Communications class in high school, we were allowed to choose our debate topics and the teacher said the only one we couldn’t do was abortion. I understood. We would never end the debate in the limited amount of time we had. It wouldn’t have been Oral Communications anymore, rather Oral Arguing. Because that’s how these conversations usually end: With people getting louder and louder and talking over the other, trying to get their point across.
In case you were wondering, I’m Pro Choice. Now, some people who are extremely against abortion probably just heard me say, “I KILL BABIES! Now fight with me because I’m bored and I like to upset you.” It may seem like I’m making fun of people who are Pro Life but I’m really not. I have had discussions with people like that. One of my closest friends is Conservative and traditional so, naturally, she is against it. But when I tried to explain to her about my views she kept yelling, “You kill babies!” So I got frustrated and stopped talking. (That’s a lie, I told her to shut the eff up and that the conversation was over, but I digress.)
Okay, so here are my views on this scary topic: I do not like the idea of abortion. It’s scary and sad and it has given people who have gone through it nightmares and emotional problems. It’s not fun for anybody. “So why do it?” you ask. There are different reasons for getting an abortion. To list a few: Teen pregnancy, rape, pregnancy complications, incest, financial problems, etc. A common misconception is that Pro Choice people are Pro Abortion. This is not true. Being Pro Choice is saying that you think a woman should have the right to do with what she wants to her own body. That, if she had to make the horrible choice to have an abortion, it was HER choice.
There is a lot of debate on this subject because some people call it murder and others say that making it illegal to get an abortion is trying to control women’s bodies. I, for one, would much rather a woman go to a clinic and get it done professionally rather than try to terminate a pregnancy herself. Which is what some women do when they truly can’t go through with a pregnancy but have no way of stopping it, at least in a clean, legal way.
I get that it seems completely immoral and wrong to essentially kill a defenseless baby. I get that it is against some people’s religions. And I get that the baby could have grown up to be a great person. But here’s the thing: Reminding the poor girl that has decided to go through with it of all of these things and making her feel worse than she already does is NOT the answer. It most likely won’t change her mind and you’re just reminding her of things that she already knows. There are women that feel so bad that they kill themselves not too long after. And for those of you that say things like, “Good, she deserves it for killing a baby that couldn’t defend itself.” get the hell out of my face. Yes, there are some people out there that use abortion as a form of birth control and that is not right. I don’t condone that. That is an example of someone being irresponsible and they should not be able to do that. But there are legitimate reasons for getting an abortion, as the ones I previously listed.
There are people who say that those who get abortions just shouldn’t have sex. I don’t think this is true. Having sex is a part of relationships for some people. It’s what they choose to do for intimacy and I believe they should be able to do it. So long as they’re taking every precaution. But sometimes those precautions don’t work so well and the woman becomes pregnant. That is when the couple discuss the options they have, mainly: Raise the child, put it up for adoption, or, sadly, abortion. And the choice is up to THEM. Sometimes you get those family members that say things like, “But you’ve taken away my chance of being a grandma.” or the ones that guilt you by saying, “I didn’t abort you.” This is just plain wrong. This is like those people reminding them that it’s killing a baby or that they’ll go to hell, but it’s worse because it’s their own family. The people they’re supposed to go to when they’re upset.
One other thing I don’t condone is when the woman could go through with the pregnancy (no health risks) and the boyfriend/friend/husband said they would pay for it and raise it, and the woman doesn’t even consider it. They need to know that this baby is half theirs, too. This is why communication is key and they should talk about it. If the father wants this baby but the mother doesn’t, they should discuss the pros and cons of having this baby and maybe having only the father raise it. But, in the end, it’s really the woman’s final say because it is her body. And if the father says he’d raise it but changes his mind halfway through, then what? Some would say that she should put it up for adoption. But sometimes it’s even harder for her to do that than to abort it, as odd as it sounds. My sister got pregnant at 17 and she knew right away that she was either going to raise it or abort it. She barely knew her dad growing up and it made her feel unloved or that there was something wrong with her. She didn’t want her child feeling the way she did.
Another thing I don’t like that people do is scold the woman after she’s done it. They tell her she killed a baby and that that baby could’ve grown up to find a cure for cancer. News flash: It’s already done and over with. You making her feel bad isn’t going to reverse it. Oh sure, you think you’re educating her in the hopes that she’ll never do it again and have lots of kids and see the error of her ways when in reality you’re making it worse. And saying that the baby could find a cure for cancer is a load of bull. Yes, they might have, but what if that woman wanted to pursue a career in science and later on she would have found the cure but she couldn’t because she was forced to have this baby when she couldn’t afford it so she didn’t go to college and was stuck at a dead end job?
In the end, you just can’t change people’s minds sometimes. You can give them all of the facts, proof laid right out in front of them and they will do the mental equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and going, “Lalala!” All I can hope is that people at the very least aren’t cruel about it. That they remember that not all people share their views/religion. That they can try to ‘educate’ them but they need to realize that in the end it is the WOMAN’S choice and they need to respect that. And remember that the woman’s choice does not affect them in any way so don’t act so offended or treat them any different.


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