Life After Death

Life after the death of a loved one is truly bittersweet. They leave us and it feels like our world has turned dark and is crumbling around us. We think there will be no sense of normalcy anymore. But we go outside and, to our surprise, the sun dares to shine and people are going about their day-to-day business. You turn on the TV and the actors still smile and laugh. They never knew this person and will never know that they died. You realize that a lot of people will never know this amazing person or even that they’re not with us anymore. Then you realize that YOU will never get to see them again. You wake up the next day and, for a few short moments, you think nothing’s changed and everything is normal. But then it all comes rushing back and your world crumbles down all over again. And you feel guilty for forgetting. For being happy without them. As if you were that actor or that person walking down the street, going about your business as if nothing in the world has changed. And you still need to live day-to-day even though your loved one doesn’t get to.

Rest in peace, Uncle Chris.


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