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I recently got into an argument with a peer of mine. She was using the word “prostitute” in the context of “Oh, you prostitute!” when she lost at cards. I asked her why she was using it in a derogatory way and she said because prostitutes are the lowest of the low. That that is the most disgusting thing you could be. This really upset me so I gave her a scenario: What if someone was a mom with rent due tomorrow and if she couldn’t get the money by tomorrow she and her child would be homeless and her child would starve. And the only way to pay was to sell herself for the night. But she was being as safe as she could be (being with someone who wasn’t dangerous, using protection, and no drug use involved) and it was completely consensual. She said it didn’t matter; that you should never try to justify something so disgusting. This really rubbed me the wrong way.
I believe that you should never judge someone so much from just hearing one aspect of their life. Let’s pause for a moment and name off a few things: Drug use/History of drug use, had an abortion, sleeps around, prostitution. Now, if you heard someone (whom you’ve never met) had done one or more of these things you would automatically judge them. Maybe not outright, but in the back of your mind you DO NOT approve. Which I don’t blame anyone for doing so. Because in our society those things are frowned upon so we are taught to not condone them. But I believe we should be patient, not jump to conclusions, and wait to hear the whole story.
In my opinion, if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you need to keep your family, or even just yourself warm and fed, you should work as hard as you can to make it happen. It’s better than not having a job and just sitting around, waiting for the bill collectors to come. Now, I’m not saying that if you’re in a difficult position you should just go to the nearest street corner. But if that is at your disposal and you’re being smart about it, go ahead. No one should judge you for it.
I tried to explain this to my peer by comparing it to abortion. Saying that I am pro-choice but I would never have an abortion. Just like I would probably never be a prostitute but I’m not against it, other than the fact that it’s illegal. That didn’t go over well. She just kept saying I like to kill babies. So, of course, you will never change everyone’s mind on issues like this, but I would like to have this heard. This isn’t far from slut-shaming a girl who wears revealing clothes or someone who has had sex many times with many people.
So just because someone has a job ill-fit in society or does something that may seem judge worthy doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect.


2 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I work as a stripper and I hear similar things from other people. It really frustrates me. They judge me with out even asking my story for doing it. They don’t ask if I feel degraded they assume. It frustrates me.

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